Dear students,

Below we’ve tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), so please check the list below.  In case of any additional question do not hesitate to contact us.

Our working days are:  Monday-Friday
Our working hours are: 10:00-18:00(13:14 lunch time)

Who can get ISIC?
The ISIC is available to full time students at school, college or university, aged 12 years and above. There is no upper age limit. Full time study presumes: At least 15  academic hour per week At least 12  academic weeks per year

What documents do I need to get an ISIC?
The ISIC is only available to full-time students, so you must be able to prove you are currently studying full time at school, college or university. When applying please provide one of the below mentioned documents:

• A copy of your university or student identity card, clearly dated and indicating you are a full time student.

• A signed and dated letter on official university or school stationery stating you are studying there full time. We prefer an original copy, although photocopies and faxes may be accepted.

• Passport (or copy)  • A passport sized photo

• 3000 AMD

Where can I purchase an ISIC / ITIC?
26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan,  Yerevan 0010, RA

“Erebuni Plaza ” business center, 6th floor , #602 room

Tel. /fax: (+374 10) 53 2553, (+374 93) 53 25 51

What should be done in case the card is lost or stolen?
You can apply for a replacement ISIC card at our office. ISIC card is non-refundable and non-transferable, so you’ll have to pay the full cost of a new one (2000 AMD). The validity of the card. ISIC is valid one academic year.

For example: 09/2011-12/2012 02/2011-05/2012

What benefits, bounces and discounts does ISIC give?
What are the advantages of the card? ISIC provides bounces and discounts in the below mentioned fields:

Culture: theatres, cinemas, concerts, museums, exhibitions, galleries, events. Transport: busses, minibuses, trains, airplanes

Travel: Hotel/hostels, traveling,

Education: International and local universities, educational centers, classes Shops: clothes, accessories, DVDs/CDs, books etc.

Services: medical services, delivery, courier etc.