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Dear students,

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From June 2011 “MGA Continent” company, aiming to make ISIC and EYCA more flexible, signed an agreement with ASHIB Bank, starting ISIC-EYCA-MasterCard International student discount card program. This new project gives students a chance to enjoy advantages and benefits of ISIC-EYCA and MasterCard by purchasing just one card.

The card gives access to the wide network of the MasterCard Worldwide payment system; make purchases and get cash money almost in every corner of the world as well as enjoy the bonuses and discounts of ISIC and EYCA discount cards.

In the frameworks of the project the ASHIB Bank has developed a special bonus system for students, which allows the students to get the scholarship up to one year as well as many gifts.

For the above mentioned program informative presentations are held in local and international educational centers and universities.

“MGA Continent” LLC constantly develops new programs and projects for the young segment of population and students, promoting their mobility and creating new, more advanced and flexible way of life for them.